Glad to announce MockingBot v3.0!

Ah-ha! MockingBot v3.0 is just launched! We have paid a lot of attention on improving our user experience with our UI design and the interaction scheme. MockingBot V3.0 is optimized for a more professional design process without throwing away the ease of using it.

Let's see these amazing break change in the latest release!


  • We optimized the functionalities of the workspace and its user interface. The new version of workspace includes the component panel, the design area, the list area, toolbars and the recycle bin.
  • We added 3 new icon library to help you improve your prototype design.
  • Combine and re-construct setting panels for a more intuitive layout. We set a new "Sub Toolbar" to help you dealing with the appearance of a component, such as hide/show, colors, and the border settings.
  • Now the original settings panel is designed for the specified component, such as adjusting the direction of an arrow. You can stick the setting panel to the right side of the component, or just move it anywhere you want, your choice.
  • Reset the canvas position in one click.
Sketch Plugin v2.0 and the Prototype Preview Mode

Based on feedback from a large group of users, we added a "Developer Mode". You can easily access to parameters such as the coordinate, size and color code of a component, which can accelerate your design process.

At the same time, the MockingBot Sketch Plugin v2.0 is released. It can help to load the layer information from a Sketch Artboard and directly transfer it to a MockingBot project. You can directly dive into the MockingBot design process.

  • We added a "Developer Mode". You can combine using these parameters such as coordinate and size with the MockingBot Sketch Plugin to accelerate your design process.
  • Comment and review the current project and give feedback to your design team.

Workflow Beta

Workflow is the screen's flow diagram. In the "Workflow", you can base on the existing prototype to create screen flow diagram and interaction diagram to describe your product logic, process and structure. Advanced documentation editing function can help insert text, tables and images to generate your professional product documentation.

  • Bulk import prototype thumbnails and generate the connection among them for a more intuitive the task process and interactions.
  • Advanced documentation editing function. You can insert text, tables and images to finalize your product documentation.

This is a brief introduction of the MockingBot v3.0 release. We appreciate your supports and always welcome your feedback.
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