Brand New
Handoff Feature

You get, We give

Due date: April 30th, 2018

Still do manual inspecting? Tired of repetitive work?

MockingBot Handoff has come to your rescue.

Automatic specs and measure conversion, multi-platform codes and
multi-resolution slice export.

The super Handoff weapon is now ready for global test!

Try it and get our awards now.

Know Handoff

Sweet tool, Smart work

Get trial, Get recharge.

Follow these steps, your account will automatically get 2-month Collaboration Plan or
same value superior plan recharge. Available for both old and new users.

  1. 1

    Download the newest version Sketch Plugin and install.

  2. 步骤 2

    Open a Sketch file and choose any three artboards.

  3. 步骤 3

    Export artboards to MockingBot by its plugin.

  4. 步骤 4

    Click "View" and your account gets recharge automatically.

Download Sketch Plugin Watch Video Tutorial

Rule Description

  1. Event Time: From February 9th, 2018 to April 30th, 2018..
  2. Newbie Award: Register within the event page and you can get 20-day Collaboration Plan.
  3. Storm Award: Both old and new users can participate. You need to download the newest version Sketch Plugin and go through 4 steps to get $19.98 membership recharge (invalid for old version Sketch Plugin), which means users of Free, Personal and Collaboration Plan get 2-month Collaboration Plan, users of 5/10/20-member Team Plan get 12/6/3 days membership recharge.
  4. If Sketch files are exported to Team Project or Collaboration Project, the award goes to the owner of the team or project. So Windows users can invite your friends with Mac to help you with the upload and share the award!
  5. You can check the award in your ‘Account’.
  6. One account can get one Newbie Award and one Storm Award at most.
  7. MockingBot reserves the right of final interpretation. Contact for any question.